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  • Rivertown Valley Rezoning Plan

    Rivertown Valley Rezoning Plan

    The Rivertown Valley Rezoning Plan was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission on February 20, 2018!  A big thanks to all of the residents willing to work together with Granger Group to support a comprehensive plan that will enrich the lives of many within the community. The 2018 Rezoning...

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  • Demand that Plastic Cutlery be Banned from Restaurants

    Demand that Plastic Cutlery be Banned from Restaurants

    The Task: Demand that restaurant chains find an alternative to disposable plastic cutlery.The Problem: As a planet we throw away over 500 million plastic straws each day. We also dump around 8 million tons of single use plastic into our oceans each year.These single use spoons, forks, and knives have...

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  • LBH to fix windows on Heston Farm Estate

    LBH to fix windows on Heston Farm Estate

    It is no longer fair that we should live in and pay rent/mortgage for a property that is not appropriately insulated . It is no longer fair that older people, adults and children should have to wear Numerous layers of clothing around the home to stay warm due to the large gaps in the windows. It is...

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  • Stop football fans from parking at L.R.I car park

    Stop football fans from parking at L.R.I car park

    I am trying to put a stop to the football fans from Leicester City and other teams parking there cars in the leicester royal infirmary car parks It's not far on the patients and staff and the visits If a family member is dying you can't get a parking space because of the football fans taking...

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  • Petition to Implement Road Safety Measures around Manor Park School Cheylesmore

    Petition to Implement Road Safety Measures around...

    We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge Coventry City Council as leaders of our community to act now to safeguard the children, elderly, vulnerable people and community life by implementing the following actions.:-• Greater presence of Parking Enforcement Officers.• Greater presence...

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  • Save Thorney Park & Lake!

    Save Thorney Park & Lake!

    We are fighting to save the beautiful Thorney Park & Lake from the clutches of developers who want to use it for dumping spoil and building rubble over the course of the next 6 years!This is a local beauty spot and nature reserve that is completely unspoilt and 100% natural.  It is home to...

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  • Save the Axolotl!

    Save the Axolotl!

    The axolotl is an endangered species that people love. The loving animal is only located in 2 rivers in Mexico. Sign this petition to save the axolotl and to spread awareness! Thanks!

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  • No to new wantage leisure centre

    No to new wantage leisure centre

    Does Wantage need a second leisure centre?The council are planning to spend £18million building a second leisure centre next to the Mably Way Health Centre. There will be floodlit pitches just behind Wolage Drive with parking for 250 cars.If you think the money should be better spent on improving...

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  • Keep Catch and Immediate Release for Musky OFF Lake St. Clair

    Keep Catch and Immediate Release for Musky OFF Lake...

    Please join Lake St. Clair Muskies Inc., Michigan Ontario Musky Club, and The Lake St. Clair Charter Captains Association in helping gain signatures to provide to the Michigan DNR and the Michigan Natural Resource Commission that will aid in preventing a regulation change that would allow anglers to...

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  • Meadow's Resident's

    Meadow's Resident's

    Im doing this petition, so that DGHP stop ignoring residents complaints about their gardens.Most of the gardens, have steep hills, and marshland, which are a danger. A lot of people have fell or slipped due to the state off garden's, and DGHP refuse to do anything to try help the problem.Im hoping with...

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  • Summer 2017 went by too fast!

    Summer 2017 went by too fast!

    We the co-signees are completely in shock at how fast this summer has gone by. We are in the last of week August and we swear that it feels like July started only yesterday and here we are, with September just around the corner. We herewith would like to file a complaint as we believe that...

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  • Keep the cherry trees going to maintain the beauty and respect of the fallen

    Keep the cherry trees going to maintain the beauty...

    I was born in Cobham and have known these trees all my life. I have lived in Stoke D'Abernon since 1983. Driving down the Stoke road while those trees are in bloom is one of the most beautiful sights you could wish to see and no doubt is why the planting of these trees were initially planned. They are...

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  • Let Laurence get a bird

    Let Laurence get a bird


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  • dont do the queens gardens

    dont do the queens gardens

    why do the paths and gardens need doing there lovely just the way they are. council wasting money again. 

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  • Planning application objection Heswall

    Planning application objection Heswall

    We, the undersigned, object to the outline planning application number: OUT/17/00927 for the proposed construction of a detached dwelling on land at Beechfield Close Heswall CH60 8PD on the grounds that if the development went ahead, it would result in significant loss of aged trees and huge deterioration...

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  • Remove the tree

    Remove the tree

    We have made the desicion to start a petition to get a tree outside the front of my Grandmas house removed. There are endless problems the tree has caused in the 20 years I have been alive. My Grandmas health is now at risk. Due to the trees roots it has caused the pavement to rise which has resulted...

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  • Save Morris

    Save Morris

    I,Riley Merriman and Rachel Ball were playing Black ops 3 one day and all of the sudden we spot this horse! So we tamed it and named it Morris! His nickname is Mor the hor. So we need your help to save Morris because he provides food, water, oxygen, shelter, hygiene products, bottle caps, toilet paper...

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  • Electronic signs in Saugerties

    Electronic signs in Saugerties

    Please register your opposition to allowing electronic signs in Saugerties. They are a distraction to drivers and will also distract from the natural beauty of our area so will have a detrimental effect on tourism business.

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  • Stop de Mondriaankwelder op Striep

    Stop de Mondriaankwelder op Striep

    Wij zijn tegen de plannen van Sense of Place / Rijkswaterstaat om een Mondriaankwelder te bouwen op Striep Terschelling. De bestaande kwelder is een prachtig vogelgebied en tevens hoogwatervluchtplaats voor vogels. Hier passen kunstexperimenten niet bij. Wij verzoeken de gemeente Terschelling haar uiterste...

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  • Little Miracle daycare

    Little Miracle daycare

    Help get as many signatures as you can so this daycare never care for another child ever again let's shut them down for good! A 3 year old should have never lost there life due to lazyness and a careless person! Myles was found dead Monday evening in a van parked at a day care where he had been...

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